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Deadline for Submissions: July 31, 2019

We work with world class investigators and institutions on cutting edge microbiome research, and now we’re supporting the best real world microbiome research ideas from clinicians.

Introducing the Microbiome

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms, which are collectively known as the microbiome. Microbes in the gut play a critical role in digestion, vitamin metabolism, and disease progression/prevention and have been linked to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, metabolic, and kidney conditions (among others). The vaginal microbiome plays an important role in vaginal and cervical health, transmission of disease, and potentially in pregnancy and childbirth.

We know that the medical literature shows certain microbiome profiles are associated with conditions and symptoms, with far reaching effects in just about every organ system. This opens a key opportunity for clinical research, and uBiome is opening up this clinical research opportunity to clinicians worldwide to submit research ideas and proposals.


Our lab is CLIA certified and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. This puts our lab in the top 3% of labs in the world.

The best ideas and research proposals may receive in-kind research support from uBiome.

Sample kits and sequencing services

Bioinformatics microbiome analysis services

Clinical research study consulting services

What can I study with the microbiome?

Just about any exposure may alter the microbiome: diets, exercise plans, medications, supplements, environments, procedures, etc.

Generate key medical evidence on what you already do

Does your unique approach to patient care have better outcomes than the standard of care? Find out if your success is rooted in the microbiome!

Add on to existing study

If you have an existing relevant study, often microbiome analysis can be added as another outcome.

Who can submit?

Any practicing clinician or researcher with at least one clinician as part of the team may submit. Students and trainees may submit a proposal with or without faculty but will need faculty support in order to accept an award.

Judging criteria

Judges will evaluate studies holistically and the following are guidelines as to how judges evaluate entries. These questions are just illustrative examples and are not exhaustive. Even if an idea does not address each of the categories, promising ideas and proposals may still become collaborations with further feedback and development.

Impact and Significance

  • Could this idea potentially affect a large patient population or a serve an important unmet need or burdensome disease?
  • Could this idea help reduce waste in healthcare?
  • Could this idea contribute to a better doctor-patient relationship?
  • Could this idea elucidate a poorly understood area?
  • Could findings potentially be readily adopted in clinical practice or followed up with additional study?
  • Could this study support an underserved population or understudied minority?

Quality of study design

  • Is there a well-defined control group, where applicable?
  • Is the sample size appropriate?
  • Is sampling interval appropriate?
  • Is there a plan for analysis?
  • Are ethical standards addressed and appropriate disclosures made?

Feasibility and Potential

  • Are institutional resources and support available?
  • Are there promising preliminary data?
  • Is research team experienced, or does it have access to experts?
  • Is timeline reasonable?
  • Is there intent to publish results?

Your patients. Your data. Your publication.

Submit Your Idea Now!

Have an idea that involves a clinical question?

Even if you’re new to clinical research or microbiome science, we value your clinical expertise and patient relationships. Our clinical research team can help turn your idea into a microbiome clinical study and feature you as an author. Or if you’re already a seasoned clinical researcher, we can step back and just serve as your research laboratory--often at no cost to you.

We accept proposals from any licensed healthcare provider, practicing in a clinical setting, including:

  • Academic medical centers
  • Community hospitals
  • Residency and fellowship programs
  • Private group practices
  • Solo and concierge practices
  • Rehabilitation and Nursing Facilities
  • Healthcare startups

We know microbiome research

In addition to our extensive clinical work, we are trusted by over 1,000 researchers from top institutions to expertly handle research studies.

Research Partners

Contribute to your population health management program at the microbial level

We provide clinical and research laboratory services for you to test the impact of your practices on the microbiome. Study what you’re already doing, or a new treatment protocol you want to start or augment. We provide the clinical reports and can provide raw data.

uBiome supports study ideas of most types and sizes

We support research as simple as a case report and as complex as a multicenter randomized clinical trial. We support the study of diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, risk stratification, monitoring and more.

Questions about your research idea or how to come up with one?

Contact our clinical research team of experts

Free Consults

Not sure how to set up a study? We can help with protocol, IRB requirements and analysis.

Easy Collection

We send you or your patient the collection kits. Patients sample at home.

More Data

We can hand over the raw data, or our bioinformatics team can help analyze it for you.

Get Published

We can help write the paper or help you get your own published.

Improve Health

Through our shared discoveries we aim to improve patient care and clinical outcomes